Frauenau celebrates the following annual events

Rauhnacht carnival celebration in the Bürgerhalle: Saturday before Ash Wednesday

Klingende Gläserne Gärten glass event at the Eisch and Poschinger glassworks as well as at the glass museum:
Every two years (2019)

Glasstraßenfest glass street festival at either the Eisch or Poschinger glassworks in rotation: every two years (2020)

Auerer Kirwa with Sonntags-Kirta annual fair: From the Friday after/on the Assumption of Mary bank holiday (15 Aug.) (lasts for four days)

Schmankerlmarkt connoisseurs’ market on Dörflanger: Third Saturday in September

Christkindlmarkt Christmas market in the town centre: Second Saturday in Advent

Advent below Rachel: Third Sunday in Advent
Music and singing in the Rokoko church