Grafenau – Basic Information

Town description

Grafenau is a modern climatic spa town and is known as the gateway to the Bavarian Forest National Park. This tourist hotspot is also loveably known as “bear town”, as these gentle giants have adorned the town crest over the battlements of the town wall for over 500 years. In fact, visitors to Grafenau will spot bears and related symbols throughout the town:
In sculptures within the BÄREAL park, the loveable “Stadtbär” figure at local festivals, at the “Bärenwelle” open-air pool and on the Bärenpfad themed trail. Grafenau is also a paradise for hikers, forming the centre of an active region, and has been crowned the children’s capital of Bavaria for its multifaceted events programme and recreational options.

Latitude: 48.85591
Longitude: 13.39725



Total surface area

63.79 km²


450-760 m above sea level

Important contacts

Grafenau town council:
Rathausgasse 1, 94481 Grafenau
Tel.: +49-8552-96 23-0

Tourist information:
Tel.: +49-8552-96 23-43

National Park Administration:
Freyunger Straße 2, 94481 Grafenau
Tel.: +49-8552-96000