Prášily – Basic Information


Prášily (Stubenbach in German) is a mountain village spread on both sides of the Prášilský stream on the slope of Ždánidlo mountain. The settlement of Nová Hůrka, which is situated in the distance of some 10 km on the road to Železná Ruda, also falls under the authority of Prášily village. Prášily and its surroundings are extremely attractive for tourists and the village is a starting point of many hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing trips in the western Šumava for all age categories.

Altitude: 876 m n. m.

Latitude: 49°6'18.472"
Longitude: 13°22'40.597"


153 (1. 1. 2018)

Important Contacts

Mountain rescue service – non-stop line +420 1210
Information and guard service +420 800 977 977
SOS 112
Police 158
Fire brigade 150
Prášily Information Centre +420 376 589 014