Through the Höllbachgspreng to Falkenstein

Starting from the Igelbus bus stop at the edge of Zwieslerwaldhaus, follow the road towards the centre of the village. At the far edge of the large car park, the route follows the Blueberry trail markings to the right towards Falkenstein.

The trail then continues
on along forestry tracks and woodland paths uphill to the Höllbachschwelle. The Höllbach river has formed a small lake here. The route continues on steeply uphill through the Höllbachgspreng to the peak of Großer Falkenstein (1,315 m) and its breath-taking vista. During the summer months, the Falkensteinschutzhaus offers food and drink for hikers.

For the descent,
follow the Green Triangle trail towards Zwieslerwaldhaus. You will then reach the “Windthrow Experience Trail”, the Ruckowitzschachten and finally Zwieslerwaldhaus. Shortly before entering the village, the Ant trail branches off to the left and returns you to your starting point.

Trail marking: 


Starting point:
Edge of Zwieslerwaldhaus, 94227 Lindberg

Local public transport:
Igelbus bus stop Zwieslerwaldhaus, Wildniscamp turnoff
Igelbus line 7150 (Finsterau bus)

Höllbachgspreng virgin forest, 360° panorama, Ruckowitzschachten