Exploring the Klosterfilz on the Adder trail

Starting from the Diensthüttenstraße Igelbus bus stop, the route initially heads uphill to Guglöd. At the edge of the village, the trail bears right and then snakes along to the Weiler Siebenellen on a flat and then slightly downhill section.

After following the road
for a brief period, the trail heads right and we reach the Kosterfilz raised bog after passing through meadows and forest. You can also explore the more sensitive areas of the bog on a raised wooden walkway.

After a while, the trail hugs the Große Ohe before reaching the edge of Riedlhütte. The trail branches off to the right again here. After heading straight on, the route bears right again and we reach alluvial forest a short time later – a typical forest for this type of landscape riddled with dwarf pine trees. Finally, we cross the Nationalparkstraße and return to the starting point on Diensthüttenstraße.

Trail marking:    


Starting point:
Diensthüttenstraße car park, 94568 St. Oswald

Local public transport:
Igelbus bus stop Diensthüttenstraße
Igelbus line 6119 (Finsterau bus)

Food and refreshment options are available in Riedlhütte