Železná Ruda – Basic Information

With its position at the border between the Šumava National Park, the Šumava Protected Landscape Area and the Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald, the town of Železná Ruda and its neighbourhoods belong amongst widely sought-after centres of both summer and winter tourism. Together with its Bavarian neighbour - the village of Bayerisch Esenstein - Železná Ruda forms one of the largest non-Alps resorts in Central Europe. The Church of Our Lady Auxiliary of Hvězda with two copulas, inviting all the visitors of the region enjoying sports and nature, is a proud dominant of the town.

The visitors of the resort and its surroundings are offered accommodation as well as year-round and seasonal offers with tourist, sports, relaxation, cultural, educational or other activities. The visitors may enjoy local bike-park, high rope courses, tennis courts, gyms, racing karts, bowling, hotel pools, wellness centres, physiotherapy centres, fitness centres, paint-ball and many other attractions for both children and adults. The greatest experiences nevertheless relate to the beauties and attractions of the surrounding country.

Black and Devil's Lakes, Laka Lake, White Gorge (Bílá strž) waterfall, the peaks of Špičák, Pancíř, Můstek, Polom, Grosser Arber or Grosser Falkenstein mountains, infinite forests, silver rivulets and streams - all of that is inter-weaved with the network of paths and trails designed for hikers, cyclists and cross-country skiers.

Downhill skiing resorts Špičák, Nad nádražím – Belveder or Samoty and the slopes at Pancíř, Hofmanky, Alpalouka, Weissova louka, Godlhof and Debrník are ready each winter for thousands of fans of the white sport. During both summer and winter seasons it is possible to visit the Šumava Museum, the Museum of Historical Motorcycles including the expositions named "The Bohemian Crater" and "The History of Skiing in the Šumava Mountains and in the Area of Železná Ruda", the exposition of geology at school, the Brewery Museum, Belveder brewery, Information Centre of the Šumava and the Bavarian Forest National Parks in Alžbětín and the town Information Centre. In summer it is possible to take one of regular guided tours in the church and to get acquainted with its interior, including the ascent into the unique copula of the tower.


The mountain resort of Železná Ruda is nestling in the valley of the Řezna river at 754 m above sea level. It is almost completely encircled by hills. Its geographical situation means that Železná Ruda makes an ideal resort for both winter and summer activities and relaxation.

According to the cadastral map, the villages of Alžbětín, Špičák, Pancíř, Debrník and Hojsova Stráž fall under authority of the town of Železná Ruda.

Latitude: 49°8'14.761"N
Longitude: 13°14'6.721"E

Area: 7979 ha


1573 (as of 31st December 2010)

Important Contacts

Information Tourist Centre Železná Ruda, tel: +420 376 397 033
Mon–Sun: 8 a.m.–6 p.m., lunch break 12.30 p.m.–1 p.m.

Czech-Bavarian Information Centre of the Šumava National and Natural Parks
tel: +420 376 387 060

Česká pošta, s.p. (post office), Železná Ruda, tel: +420 376 326 313
Mon–Fri: 8–11 a.m., 1-5 p.m.

Mountain Rescue Service Špičák, tel: +420 606 528 243, +420 376 397 273

POLICIE ČR (Police of the CR), Železná Ruda, tel: +420 376 397 281

MĚSTSKÁ POLICIE (Municipal Police), Železná Ruda, tel: +420 724 084 269

Fire brigade Železná Ruda, tel: +420 376 397 150

Fire brigade Hojsova Stráž, tel: +420 606 312 870

112 Central European Emergency Line

Medical emergency service – Železná Ruda, Klostermannovo nám. 26, tel: 155

Pharmacy U sněžného orla, tel: +420 376 397 032
Mon 8–12, 14–17.30, Tue–Fri 8–12, 14–17, Sat 9–12 a.m.

Gynaecology: MUDr. Štěpánek, building of primary school, Zahradní 403
Wed 8–12 a.m.

Practician: MUDr. Bártová, Zahradní 178, tel: +420 376 397 312
Mon–Fri: 8–10 a.m. children, 10–12 a.m. adults. Appointments to be made for afternoon examinations.

Dentist: MUDr. Lamborová, Klostermannovo nám. 26, tel: +420 724 048 838
Tue, Thu 8.30–15.30

Veterinary surgery: MVDr. Mikoška, tel: +420 376 524 260, 602 372 673
Thu 15–17

Wast collection point in Železná Ruda
Wed 14–18, Sat 8–12

Car repair shop Dalibor Řehulka, Špičák 138, tel: +420 605 803 685

Car repair shop – AMK, locksmith services, Aška Jaroslav, Zahradní 109, Ž. Ruda, tel: +420 603 715 753

Car repair shop Denk Josef, Alžbětín 28, tel: +420 376 387 083, +420 607 870 628

Tires service Ševčík, Železná Ruda 354, tel: +420 739 672 094

Towing service, Petr Pospíšil, Špičák 120, tel: +420 603 226 160, +420 376 397 503

Towing service Mr. Červenka, tel: +420 603 518 844

Towing service, freight transport KS Kontejner, tel: 725 809 030


Koblasa, tel: +420 603 522 184
Koblasová, tel: +420 604 256 481
Kochman, tel: +420 732 622 073
Šimek, tel: +420 603 215 045
Šimek, tel: +420 603 243 525