Kadernberg loop trail

The starting point for the way of the cross up to Kadernberg Mountain is the Marktplatz square in Schönberg. From here, head for Regener Straße.

When you reach
the junction with Am Kadernberg, follow signs for walking trail “no. 11” which bears left up the hill. Ascend up through the forest to reach an unpaved track to Schönberg ski lift, which offers up sumptuous views of Kadernberg observation tower and the surrounding landscape. The trail then continues on westwards until you reach the observation tower with restaurant.

This tower offers
an unparalleled view over the Bavarian Forest and the National Park. The trail now heads back down into the valley along the way of the cross, past the pilgrimage chapel, and back down into Schönberg. From here, head east and return to your starting point.

Trail marking: Walking trail no. 11     


Starting point:
Marktplatz, 94513 Schönberg
Parking available in Schönberg

Food and drink are available in Kadernberg observation tower