Lusen via the devil’s hole

Across from the Fredenbrücke Igelbus bus stop, you can cross the Kleine Ohe river and follow a path leading along the banks of the Ranne. The trail hugs the course of this idyllic mountain stream until you reach the Martinsklause timber drifting pond after around an hour. From here, the route heads steep uphill to the Teufelsloch, or “devil’s hole”.

The raging waters of the Kleine Ohe
roar through the huge granite blocks here, and according to legend, you can even hear the devil whispering up through the rocks on some days. After passing the Glass Ark sculpture, the Himmelsleiter trail (“Jacob’s ladder”) leads up to the peak of Lusen (1,373 m) with its stunning panoramic views. The descent down on the Lynx trail leads past the Lusenschutzhaus to the Waldhausreibe Igelbus bus stop.

On the opposite side of the road
, you can then follow the Green Triangle trail via Waldhäuserriegel to reach a viewpoint over Waldhäuser and the Wren trail back down to the Martinsklause. You can then follow the Ranne back down to the Kleine Ohe and the starting point at the Fredenbrücke.

Trail marking:    


Starting point:
Fredenbrücke car park, 94556 Neuschönau (Waldhäuser)

Local public transport:
Igelbus bus stop Fredenbrücke, Line 7594 (Lusen bus)
Return journey possible from Waldhausreibe or Waldhäuser-Ausblick

Food and refreshments available in the Lusenschutzhaus