3 – The Zhůří system

In the deep forests of the mountain ridge rising south of the village Kozí Hřebet all the way to a plateau with the former village of Zhůří, hides the Zhůří system of the Golden Trail remains. It is one of the highest located systems in the country; its numerous sunken lanes rise almost incessantly from 900 meters above sea level to Huťská mountain in the height over 1100 meters.

The medieval traveling traders had to move through these locations in often extreme climates. High levels of snow, fog, rain and freezing cold are not exceptional weather conditions, and the travellers and their beasts of burden who had to transport heavy cargo from autumn to spring deserve our admiration.

The location of the system ensured that it was preserved, as human activity could never be as intensive here as it was in lower areas.

The westernmost sunken lane travels from the meadow Flusárna towards Horská Kvilda and it is almost 4 meters deep and several meters wide, paved in parts and with beautifully curved turns. It was likely used even after the end of the Golden Trail. The green tourist trail leads through here

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Originally, Šumava was covered with large forests with horizons made out of deciduous crowns, above which towered spruces and firs. The forest ground was covered with fallen leaves, as well as decaying stumps and branches.

Currently, spruce makes up around 70% of the National Park (40% in natural forests), beech makes up 8% (35% in natural forests), firs 9 % (15 % in natural), pine 4 %, alder 2 %, sycamore, birch, and elm around 1 %

After the end of the Golden Trail and the Golden Road

In 2003, a metal detector search of the system was carried out. The result were tens of iron findings, 25 of which were chosen for conservation – that being the third highest amount of all searched systems of the Golden Trail. They are mostly horseshoes of beasts of burden. Other findings prove the use of wagons – chains, cotters, etc.
Other metal findings from a section of the Zhůří system