Lusen & its surroundings (one of the 100 most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria)

The old timber rafting pond “Martinsklause”, the “Teufelsloch” and “Glasarche” glass sculpture, “Himmelsleiter” trail and the massive blocks of granite on the peak make any hike up to the top of Lusen (1376 metres) a truly unforgettable experience!

The Martinsklause, Teufelsloch and Himmelsleiter are just a handful of the many notable sights in the area surrounding Lusen which hikers can visit on the trail from Waldhäuser to the granite-covered peak of Lusen, 1373 metres above sea level. Shrouded in legend and a popular trip destination, our local mountain – Lusen – is one of the 100 most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria. The peak is easily accessible in both summer and winter, offering outstanding views all year round. It also provides visitors with fascinating and informative insights into the development and renewal of the forest within our National Park. Areas of decaying wood attest to the death of woodland, while young, new trees already emerge from below. This is fascinating evidence for the power of nature in action in tune with the National Park philosophy of “letting nature be natural”!

In the midst of this changing forest, hikers might come across a truly special work of art at the foot of Lusen: a shimmering green, five-metre ship made of 480 interconnected sheets of glass supported by a huge oak hand: the GLASARCHE. Visitors can reach it by following the so-called “Arche-Pfad” trail from the “Arche Theuerjahr” sculpture in Waldhäuser.

Lusen and the surrounding area are crisscrossed with an extensive and well-signposted network of walking paths. The ideal starting point for most of these trails is the mountain village of Waldhäuser, which can be reached by car as well as on the Lusenbus . Please note: the Lusen Waldhausreibe car park trailhead is only accessible by bus (and this bus does not run all year round!).

Igelbus bus stop and Waldhäuser Ausblick car park
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 48.927826, Longitude: 13.470744 

Sat. nav. address:
Herbergsweg 19
94556 Neuschönau