Großer Filz – Klosterfilz

Follow the adder

An attractive loop trail almost ten kilometres in length (three to three-and-a-half hours walking) forms a real highlight within the walking network around Riedlhütte, Siebenellen and Guglöd.

The loop trail marked with the “European adder” not only leads through the Bavarian Forest’s largest bog area, it also follows the tracks of the Goldener Steig and past the gold panning mounds, tracking this area’s fascinating past in the process.

Numerous viewpoints and information boards along the way only serve to enhance the experience.

When morning fog is hanging over the Filz, this unique landscape gains an eerie, almost ghostly character before the first rays of the sun make the remaining traces of the hoarfrost glisten like thousands of diamonds – experience this and the hike is sure to live long in the memory.