Schachten – Pearls in the sea of forest

“Schachten” are the former cattle grazing pastures in the forested border ridge to the Czech Republic.

The term “Schachten” is used locally for the tree-free areas along the mountain ridge of the Bavarian Forest. Bulls and young cattle from Lindberg and the surrounding villages were the first creatures to graze these unpopulated areas.

Most of the remaining Schachten are at higher altitudes, upwards of 1,100 metres above sea level.

The pastures in Lindberg municipality are particularly numerous and large in size.

Featuring impressive, centuries-old trees – most notably mighty, gnarled sycamore and beech – these areas harbour unique grasslands enclosed within a sea of trees. However, the sun set on these pastures’ commercial use in 1962. Nowadays, you are increasingly likely to meet people hiking the well-marked paths through these upland areas, as the healing powers of the healthy forest air is becoming more and more appreciated among the general public.

A particularly attractive route leads between Falkenstein and Rachel through the Schachten to the most beautiful and impressive raised bog in the Bavarian Forest – the Zwieselter Filz and Latschenfilz with the mysterious nearby Latschensee lake. This natural peatland enjoys international significance as one of the largest saddle raised bogs in the Federal Republic of Germany.