Walking circuit through the center of Klatovy

Walking circuit through the center of Klatovy was established in 2016 for individual visitors who are interested in a brief introduction to the history of the city and its most important monuments. In addition to the attractions you can find here historical photographs and old pictures of Klatovy. Further information is available on internet (you can use QR code).

The whole circuit has 9 stands including 5 graphical and 4 audio boards. You can listen to the audio guide after turning the hand crank and choosing the language.

The circuit starts on the square nearby Jesuit Church. The stand can be visited in any order.

Station Contents:

1/ Town square
2/ Black Tower
3/ Textile Factories
4/ Jesuit Buildings
5/ The Synagogue
6/ Parish Church
7/ Fortifikation
8/ District House
9/ Church of St.Lawrence