3 – Černohorská Reservoir

The Černohorská Reservoir used to serve in times of timber rafting as a source of water which was let out through the Černohorský stream into the Modrava stream and then to the rafting system.

It was able to hold up to 2 200 m3 of water. Today it is empty.
The reservoir lies in the area of the Filipova Huť forest, by a road to Filipova Huť, north of its crossing with the Vltava road, in 1110 meters above sea level. The bottom of the reservoir is covered with grass and self-seeded spruce. Through the crown of the rampart leads a solidified road from Filipova Huť. The rampart is likely newly widened, the drain newly enhanced with concrete tubes. The reservoir has a trapezoidal shape. Its straight rampant is situated on the western side and around 70 meters long, its crown is 4,5 meters wide and the height of the rampant in the lowest spot is around 2 meters. More or less in the middle is a drain made out of concrete tubes with 150 cm in diameter.

Since 2013 it is protected as a part of the cultural landscape and an integral part of the Vchynice-Tetov channel, built between 1799 and 1801 for timber rafting in otherwise inaccessible parts of Šumava.

At the same time, the reservoir is located in the core habitat of the western capercaillie and is a part of an area left to self-development.

It is also in the same area as a forest-type peatbog. It lies is 1130 meters, takes up 22 hectares and is 1,2 meters deep. The peat reserve is assumed to be 154 thousand cubic meters.